The Descent

The Descent ★★★½

(UK version- has an extended ending scene which makes a big difference)

This definitely lived up to the scariness hype. The horror aspects were executed really well and the visual style really added to it. The cave set felt extremely confined, with the overpowering darkness making the girls (and audience) seem almost as blind as the cave dwellers. The decision to give them a human-like appearance with a hint towards them being evolved from cavemen was brilliant and the idea that they’ve been living and breeding beneath the earth for all this time really added to the eeriness factor. It did show them a bit too much for my liking though. I’d have preferred more of a slow burn with added tension and less monsters rather than the mayhem we got for most of it, but it’s not a big complaint.

The main reason it fell short a star and a half is due to some of the acting and because some of the girls really annoyed me. It was often hard to tell them apart in the dark but it seemed to be the Irish ones in particular. I get that you’re in a stressful situation and aren’t experienced monster hunters, but stop running around at top speed when you can’t see a thing and screaming at literally every opportunity! Outside of that I enjoyed it a lot. It also features some iconic shots like the one that’s very Apocalypse Now-esque of Sarah rising out of the pool of blood.

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