Knives Out ★★★★½

Rian Johnson, man. It's like he's trying to subvert our expectations. Which is weird, he has never, ever, ever done that before. His last movie gave Star Wars fans literally everything they wanted.

I don't know where to start here, I guess I'll start with the cast. The cast is definitely really good, but Daniel Craig's accent isn't that good.

I've only seen one movie by Rian Johnson, and that was The Last Jedi, which was also great (yeah I said it), and I'm not sure which one I liked more. I liked the humor in this one more than I did The Last Jedi. Hearing Michael Shannon ask "YOU WANT ANOTHER COOKIE?!" is the funniest thing ever.

A lot of the whodunit is mostly in the first hour, but it starts again around the end of the movie when the twist happens.

By the way, Exile on Main Street is one of the best albums ever.

As Captain America would say, "Language.

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