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  • Ma



    Solid internet-age thriller. I love it for taking place in Ohio, where this story would be totally believable. Oh, the rock piles where we drank as teenagers...

    Octavia Spencer is awesome in this as the damaged and damaging Sue Ann, AKA "Ma." I really dug Diana Silvers in Booksmart, so it was really cool to see her again. The cast also includes Juliette Lewis and Allison Janney, the latter of whom had some really great lines to play with.


  • Trojan War

    Trojan War


    What if After Hours was directed by John Hughes? This is it.

    The older brother of that Boy who Met World has one foot in After Hours and one foot in Some Kind of Wonderful. The object of his love is an actress I don't really recognize, but who was apparently in a bunch of stuff around the turn of the millennium. His "unfeminine" best friend is Jennifer Love Hewitt... yeah, that's believable.

    Penned by the duo who wrote that…

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  • The Rules of Attraction

    The Rules of Attraction


    In high school I read American Psycho, on the recommendation of a woman in Connecticut I met in an AOL chatroom when I was 13 and thought I was in love with. I was thrilled by the book for all the wrong reasons, knowing so little about affluence and the elements of the 1980's that it was satirizing, just enjoying the graphic descriptions of murder and the absurdity of chapters about Huey Lewis and such. I would later, after a…

  • Hooker with a Hacksaw

    Hooker with a Hacksaw

    What can I say about Hooker with a Hacksaw that my girlfriend did not say better than me?

    We did some work on this feature for cult director Donald Farmer, the maestro of no-budget shot on video horror and exploitation. Caroline, AKA Scumbalina, was asked to direct a scene for the movie and I shot it. After that, we shot some additional B-roll in LA. It was a wonderful experience, and gave me the kind of will to create and…