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  • Search and Destroy

    Search and Destroy


    A couple years ago I was trying to get a copy of the Scorsese-produced 1995 comedy of the same name from the Hastings website. As happened on occasion, they sent me a different movie with the same title. This showed up and in my disappointment, I exclaimed "what the fuck is this?" and threw it into a box of other movies to sell at my buddy's next VHS swap. No one bought it. And then no one bought it at…

  • You've Got Mail

    You've Got Mail


    I couldn't remember if I had ever watched this the whole way through or not. I think, after this viewing, that I had not. I forgot it was Nora Ephron. I did not really feel great about myself, deciding to watch this... but fuck it. AOL was an important thing to me in my upbringing, the gateway to the internet, the way I met so many influential people in my life. And this is the ultimate commercial exploitation of that…

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  • Brigsby Bear

    Brigsby Bear


    Some months ago I saw the trailer for this and thought, "holy shit, I need to see that movie. That looks hilarious."

    A few days ago, my girlfriend watched it and said that it was so good that she wanted to watch it again immediately and had to own it.

    Last night, we watched it together and my feeling was... goddamn, this is a lot heavier than I thought it was going to be. Don't get me wrong, the movie…

  • Turkey Shoot

    Turkey Shoot


    It's Brian Trenchard-Smith. It's Steve Railsback. It's a variation on The Most Dangerous Game. I love it.

    This second viewing of Turkey Shoot was a lot of fun. I had forgotten about the hilarious ground vehicles in the movie, how graphic some of the violence is, the hilarious faces of the gigantic guard... the fucking wolfman! It's a highly entertaining take on the classic tale, with a thoroughly Australian touch.