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  • Bottoms Up

    Bottoms Up


    Paris Hilton. Jason Mewes. What could go wrong?

    If I recall the timeline correctly, this movie happened during one of Mewes' bouts with opiate addiction. His very subdued performance indicates that may be the case. And he ends up with his tongue in Paris Hilton's mouth. What a crazy life Jason Mewes has.

    I remember when Paris went to prison for a bit, and I heard that she used the time to learn lines for some upcoming horror musical. I…

  • Skullduggery



    I got really excited about finding this at a VHS swap yesterday. Something about it really called out to me. I know I have heard about it before, and seen that cover, but I remembered nothing about it really.

    There is this ineffable thing about movies in which people playing games, particularly role-playing games, go into the world of the game in the movie. In high school I played Magic: The Gathering and Jihad (that's Vampire: The Masquerade before it…

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  • Peter Rottentail

    Peter Rottentail


    This is the first 2000's Polonia brothers movie I've watched. I really expected it to be more... different... from their 80's and 90's films. But not so much. The Polonias are auteurs, man.

    The main characters in this movie are exceedingly choad-y. There is a woman who gets ready for bed once, twice. They reuse the same exact footage of her taking off a shirt only to reveal another shirt before crawling into bed. It's one of those moments that…

  • Clownhouse



    Deep breath...

    I remember, in high school, seeing this tape on the shelves of my local Blockbuster and thinking "oh, that looks creepy... I need to rent that some time." But I never got around to it, and eventually that store closed.

    Jeepers Creepers appeared on my radar because of Fangoria. I ended up seeing it because the Clive Barker quotation on the DVD cover art sold me. I thought it was pretty cool. When the sequel came out, I…