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  • And Soon the Darkness

    And Soon the Darkness


    This quiet and disquieting British thriller set in the French countryside is a nice exercise in dread. We're with two young Britons, exploring France via backroad. Bicycles whirring lightly in the still air, passing through fields to a small town, stop at a cafe, refresh, back on the cycles and back out of town, back into the fields and faraway farmhouses. There is an attractive young Frenchman. Is he making eyes? He's clearly taken an interest... Best friends, worst fights,…

  • Cult of Chucky

    Cult of Chucky


    I came to this remembering hardly anything about the preceding film. I remember it was dark. It wasn't like Bride or Seed, which I was not sad about at all. Those two were amusing departures, but I was ready for it to be actually horror again. I know I didn't thinka hell of a lot about it, but I didn't realized I had almost completely forgotten it.

    This one I think I liked significantly more. It looks really nice, for…

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  • Clownhouse



    Deep breath...

    I remember, in high school, seeing this tape on the shelves of my local Blockbuster and thinking "oh, that looks creepy... I need to rent that some time." But I never got around to it, and eventually that store closed.

    Jeepers Creepers appeared on my radar because of Fangoria. I ended up seeing it because the Clive Barker quotation on the DVD cover art sold me. I thought it was pretty cool. When the sequel came out, I…

  • Interceptors



    The poster over there says "The Last Line of Defense." Letterboxd says "Interceptors." The IMDb poster says "Alien Interceptors." My VHS from York Entertainment says "Interceptor Force."

    Directed by Phillip J. Roth, not famous novelist Philip Roth.

    The bio on IMDb for Phillip J. Roth, written by Anonymous, states "One of the most interesting things about Roth's career is that he manages to write, produce AND direct and still make his films entertaining, thoughtful and most of all highly entertaining.…