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  • Petals on the Wind

    Petals on the Wind


    The second in the Lifetime adaptations of the classic V. C. Andrews novels follows the children as they leave Foxworth Hall and try to lead normal lives. But they find it very difficult, and fall into patterns that they've learned in their short, twisted lives.

    Melodramatic tragedy layers over melodramatic tragedy in this pulpy-as-fuck continuation of the story, and I was totally into it. Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn reprise their roles, though we spend much more time with the younger generation, and boy... do they get into some shit.

  • Six Ways to Sunday

    Six Ways to Sunday


    Norman Reedus had two starring roles in features in 1997, and a role in Mimic. That's quite a way to kick off an acting career. He's 28 playing 18 in this one. Debbie Harry plays his mom, and they have a... special relationship. Adrien Brody is there, playing a total goon. Isaac Hayes is there, too. And a young woman named Elina Löwensohn, who looked crazy familiar to me. When I looked her up, I realized I knew her from…

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  • The Boy

    The Boy


    I wasn't expecting this to be a "twist" movie. When I realized it was, I was expecting a different twist. When the true nature of the story revealed itself, I was a bit disappointed because it made it a different kind of movie than I wanted it to be. Lauren Cohan was fine.

  • Stalker



    For the first 15 minutes of this film, I was engaged but kind of dreading what I was in for. Then, for the next two hours, I was rapt. I'm still trying to process what happened after that. Tarkovsky creates a world that is so intriguing and so frightening that it astounds me how he did it, considering what was actually put in the frame. It would have been so easy to not do this right, and for the effect…