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  • Carmen Jones

    Carmen Jones


    What an unlikely movie... an all-black version of an 1875 French opera directed by a renowned Austrian American.

    Carmen Jones starts off with about 10 minutes of what felt like whatever laced with singing I could not comprehend. But as soon as Carmen shows up, I was rapt. She has an amazing presence; she commanded my attention with her smarmy confidence and spunk.

    Being completely unfamiliar with the plot of Carmen, I had no clear idea of where the plot…

  • Somewhere



    I remember this movie being a joke on 30 Rock, in which someone starts his review of it with "You wouldn't expect a movie called Somewhere to go nowhere..." before getting cut off. But it does go somewhere -- Italy, Las Vegas... and the depths of emptiness.

    When this came out, I had only been living in Los Angeles for a year and some months and had not been here long enough to appreciate much about the movie. It's funny,…

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  • Brawlin Broads

    Brawlin Broads


    Well... I don't feel good about myself. Ha ha.

    The hosts of this movie are insufferable. The fights are somewhere between entertaining and just upsetting.

    This tape was advertised on the Rotten Cotton website way back in the late 90's and I thought it sounded hilarious. But I was 15 then and now I'm 35. A lot has changed.

  • The Rules of Attraction

    The Rules of Attraction


    In high school I read American Psycho, on the recommendation of a woman in Connecticut I met in an AOL chatroom when I was 13 and thought I was in love with. I was thrilled by the book for all the wrong reasons, knowing so little about affluence and the elements of the 1980's that it was satirizing, just enjoying the graphic descriptions of murder and the absurdity of chapters about Huey Lewis and such. I would later, after a…