Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★½

Who needed another Black Christmas remake, right? Me. I did.

While I did have fun with the first remake, it didn't do anything that spoke to the world we were living in and the fact that the story was being explored again. In my opinion.

This one, however... dives face first into the endemic misogyny of higher education, and especially fraternities.

Imogen Poots, though 30, plays the leading college student with aplomb. The other cast members were not recognizable to me, but they were all great as well.

The movie takes a batshit crazy turn at a certain point, which had me thinking of the Stepford Wives remake. That's not what happens, but it was almost the same amount of "whoa" effect.

Didn't this movie come out just this weekend? Scumbalina and I were two of just three people in the theater. But maybe it's because the parking garage was a goddamn nightmare abomination that should be burned to the (under)ground. I seriously have no idea how they made a parking garage that stupid.

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