The Alchemist Cookbook

The Alchemist Cookbook ★★★½

This movie kicks off with an Esham track off of Boomin Words From Hell, and my heart was immediately won.

Where in Buzzard we watch a guy eat a whole plate of spaghetti, in The Alchemist Cookbook we watch a guy chug a whole bottle of Gatorade after cutting open a battery with a hacksaw.

Later, dude drinks Faygo right from the 2-liter. I think it was Rock N Rye. Then in the next scene we have another scene with a Mastamind verse from another Esham track, this one from Tongues!

VHS tapes, more Faygo, poor old sportscars that have survived 20 midwest winters, woods and more woods.

Insanity and chemistry hanging out in a trailer, wearing a Minor Threat t-shirt and havin' a cat... telling your cat about what the good life would be if you ever figured out how to make gold. I wish I could have that good life he talked about, it sounded great.

John B. McLemore learned how to make gold, but you have to boil mercury to do it... and by the time you've finished irreparably fucking yourself up with those fumes... what's the point? Just enjoy your cat life.

I liked the movie. Joel Potrykus is my kinda people.

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