14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible ★★★★★

This. Is. Astonishing. OMFG. This film establishes an extremely important and iconic legacy for Nepal in the most breathtaking way. What Nims pulls off is an utterly extraordinary achievement in the history of adventure sports, even more awesome that it was all captured on camera with some of the most stunning mountain cinematography I have ever seen. This film sets a new bar in terms of mountain filmmaking, along with the unbelivable accomplishment of climbing all 14 of these mountains in less than 7 months. There are moments in this that are so jaw-dropping I couldn't even contain myself, I was up and cheering for him. I would say this is the second most important achievement in mountaineering in Nepal after Tenzing Norgay's original summit of Everest, and the film is completely right to compare and connect them. And by the end I was thinking I am so glad that they made this as-perfect-as-it-can-be film about what he did, and had footage for every single part of it, so that the world can see with their own eyes what he achieves. How he made the impossible possible. And that he deserves, and all Nepalis deserve, the utmost respect. This is an instant all-time favorite doc next to Sherpa, which changed my life, and I am so moved and humbled and inspired by everything I just watched. Nimsdai forever.

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