Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★

Oh DAMN this is brutal as fuck. Crazy enough, I enjoyed it. I really dug the themes it touches on - mainly that mobs are stupid and you can't kill evil with brute force alone. Though they certainly try. Michael ain't fuckin' around, he's getting stronger. I have no connection to mythology or lore or any of the previous films (which is perhaps why I enjoyed watching this one so much). And I don't remember much about the 2018 film but I do like how this one intertwines all that's going on with a clever continuation that plays around with some "nice try but nope" themes. It's not as atmospheric or chilling as the original, but much more entertaining in a very intensely horrifying way.

Based on the reactions of, uh, pretty much everyone else in Venice, I think I'm the only that liked this new Halloween Kills sequel? But I don't know, I just had a good time watching it in the morning on a big screen at the film festival with the volume way up.

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