Kalani: Gift from Heaven

Kalani: Gift from Heaven ★★★★½

WHY IS THIS NOT A FULL 90 MINUTES?!?! A stunning, jaw-dropping doc film about an extraordinary surfing legend. It's barely 25 minutes, and I could've so easily watched another 65 minutes more of it. I get that the whole gimmick of this particular doc is that you don't hear anything from Kalani to pretty much immortalize him to legendary status, but I was really really waiting for him to say something. Anything. At least a word. Still, he is an absolutely glorious all-time badass. My goodness, those waves!!

Kalani is a bit like Alex Honnold, he's a one-of-a-kind adventure sports legend doing something barely anyone else can do. And in this case, it's the purest result of: What if there was a child of a surfing mother, who while the boy was growing in her tummy was swimming in the ocean every day, and then he was surfing in the perfect Brazilian beach town almost every day while growing up, and through all of that reached the highest summit of confidence and connection with the ocean, then went on to challenge the limits of surfing as we know it. Well, this is his story. He exists and he is totally fucking awesome. I want more footage of him slaying these waves.