Marona's Fantastic Tale ★★★★½

Wow this is magnificent. Truly one-of-a-kind animation storytelling. One of the most uniquely imaginative, trippy, fascinating, entrancing, beautiful, clever animated films I have ever seen. They way they use all these different styles and techniques to tell this story of a dog is astonishing, every frame moves right into the next with so much going on and interconnecting and blending. I think it's pretty much perfect, though there are a few story beats that are drawn out too long. But other than that I'd say this is an instant classic, a remarkable animated creation that will be loved for years to come. There's so many wonderful life lessons in this, not just about caring for a dog, but about how to live as a human and what matters the most. The character design is so mind-bending mad and gorgeous all at once, I was constantly in awe, waiting to find out what we'd see in every new scene. There's so much creativity and style throughout in the way they visualize concepts and ideas. I could go on and on, this film is really something special. It's not the easiest to watch and the dog isn't the cutest but it's still marvelous.