Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★½

There is so much about this film that's great, especially Carey Mulligan commanding with her performance as a woman getting back at asshole men. But I hate to say I feel like it plays it too safe when it was a real chance to shoot for the catharsis moon. That said, it's still a wickedly entertaining story that tries to rattle the cages, with heaps of vibrant style. It's just awesome that Focus Features let them make this anyway, and I hope it riles people and pulls in crowds when it opens.

My feeling is that Carey Mulligan understood this character and crafted her even better than the director did, giving a performance so good that the director had to catch up and craft the rest of the film around her. And it lacks the depth and complexity that her character has. It pulls back at the wrong times, and the ending is a complete let down cop out. This should've been even better but it takes the easy way out too often.

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