Ready Player One ★★★

Spielberg's pop culture overload movie is occasionally fun, with a few kick ass action scenes, despite departing from the book. But the script is awful, with some very cringe-worthy dialogue. The rest is mostly mediocre, not too bad, but not that good either. I'm so fascinated and baffled by this movie. There's a few great ideas, with some very cool visuals, but it doesn't add up to much. And despite being 140 minutes, all of it feels quickly forgettable. Which is a shame, because the OASIS concept is so interesting to build a story around.

The nostalgia overload & pop culture refs are actually the least of my problems with RPO. It has other issues. And this makes me wonder if some people just don't get it, or don't understand the entire concept. It's a reflection of a very real societal obsession with pop culture.