Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier ★★★★

Solid. I dug it, but I'm always down for a good heist. It's a slick South America-set heist thriller that turns into a survival film. The cast is great, even though they're a bit understated but that's in line with the mood of the whole film. Excellent cinematography - not only is it always beautifully composed and nicely lit, but smooth tracking shots and camera movements, and very lush looks at the landscape. Made me want to travel down there to see it all for myself.

The whole film isn't as heavy on action or on deception as expected, but there's some good suspense and good intrigue. And just a few badass action set pieces. If you've seen any of J.C. Chandor's previous films, you'll know this is his style and it works well for this script. There's a few good "oh shit" moments. And it does feel big, even though it's still a fairly contained story. And most importantly: don't fuck with mountains! It amuses me that eventually the film becomes a story about how to safely get over the Andes. Not an easy task.