Mission: Impossible - Fallout ★★★★★

“Mission: Impossible - Fallout” - [10/10] - Day 110 of #Movies365

“Mission Impossible” is our greatest currently running franchise. Sorry, “Fast and the Furious,” it took you until your fifth movie to be great. “M:I” started out strong and only stumbled once (and #2 is more silly than it is bad). I love these movies, and they just keep getting better.

To describe much about this would be unfair to those who haven’t seen it yet. Ethan Hunt and his team go on a mission, Tom Cruise almost dies several times, and then it ends. And it’s all great. It’s just great. It’s the greatest damn thing. I love it. 

The “Mission: Impossible” franchise really benefits from doing its insane stunts practically. Not only because they’re thrilling to watch, but because it adds a level of stakes no other movie of this kind can touch. You never actually fear for James Bond’s safety, but with Ethan Hunt, you do, because you fear for Tom Cruise’s safety. This gives actual personal stakes to an insane, larger than life story. It’s brilliant filmmaking. 

One more thing - this marks the second time (after “Avengers: Infinity War”) that I have noticed trailers being intentionally misleading. There is at least one shot that could have never fit into the story, and several things that are in the movie that are framed in a VERY misleading way. I love this trend. Please keep doing this. I don’t want to know the story before I go in, so just lie to my face and let me be surprised.