Alex Strangelove ★★★

Just like this other Netflix original I saw a while back called The Kissing Booth, this is a cute and quirky coming of age film with cringe going through the roof. If you can’t handle akward teenage comedy that feels like it’s written by 50 years old men this film might not be for you. 

This Andrew Garfield lookin-ass boy is such a little whining kid that it made the whole runtime sooooo hard to watch but Im a sucker for akward teenage romances so I’ll let it slide. Overall a pretty decent film with some funny moments but mostly just cringe, cringe & cringe.

Im feeling a strong 2,5/5 to a light 3/5 on this one, Whats your thoughts on Alex Strangelove? You’re the best the best, see you next time and stay awesome!

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