Fisherman John has written 13 reviews for films rated ★★★ during 2018.

  • The Bodyguard

    The Bodyguard


    My parents had me watch this with them because they saw it at the cinemas when it was released back in the day and they’ve loved it ever since. Since my parents loves this romance flick I had little to none expectations for it but it was actually decent. The film picked up after they went to the cabin where some action happened that actually made me feel scared for Rachel Marron. The final scene where Whitneys character runs of the plane to Frank while I Will Always Love You plays is great!

    Decent to strong 3/5

  • Like Father

    Like Father


    I love Seth Rogen!!! He’s like teddybear I just want to hug. He’s someone I’d like to fall asleep on while watching a romantic movie. I imagine us going for an exotic trip to some place resembling the one in this film. We would have many thrilling adventures. Anyways, this film was good. Seth set such a great example of himself for not smoking that joint. 

    Strong 2,5/5 to a light 3/5. You’re the best You’re the best! 

  • Dear John

    Dear John


    Great and horrible at the same time, loved every minute of it though. Cheesy love stories makes me feel like im Charlie and I have just found the last golden ticket for the chocolate factory.

  • Definitely, Maybe

    Definitely, Maybe


    I watched this because Ryan Reynolds is supposed to be funny. Crying to this depressing shit is not what I want to do on a friday night. That birthday scene destroyed me. And no, the ending didn’t make up for the sadness. You can’t be that nice to someone who has cheated on you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    I wish I didnt cry as often as I do but goddamn it, movies make is so hard not to.

  • Zero Dark Thirty

    Zero Dark Thirty


    Well made film with good acting from most of the cast, especially Jessica Chastain. I have a problem with american made films about these topics and I realize that many people feel the same way I do about it. The film is criticised hard for the torture scenes but thats not the reason why I have a hard time watching it. It’s because the ”good guys” as seen from the film, that obviously is the Americans are probably made a…

  • Brother Bear

    Brother Bear

    Even though the story wasn’t that compelling the beautiful colours made up for it. This film is beautiful and feels like it could be dedicated to Bob Ross haha. All the mountains, trees, rivers and clouds look like something straight out of a Bob Ross episode. I could definetly see myself rewatching this since it is such a good looking film. I feel like it is more important then I have previously thought to have good looking films and this film…

  • The Young Offenders

    The Young Offenders

    Very enjoyable comedy about two Irish best friends that goes on a bicycle trip to an area where there is been a drug trafficking boat that has been capsized and lost 61 bales of cocaine of the coast. The two friends, Conor and Jock tries find one of the bales that hasn't been found yet. Each bale is worth €7 million and their dreams of a better and richer life after finding that bale makes them go for a really…

  • Set It Up

    Set It Up


    Cute romcom that feels like a mix between The Parent Trap and The Proposal. A bit cheesy which I like.  That pizza scene was great, so cute, but I wish it would have been a longer scene.


  • Alex Strangelove

    Alex Strangelove


    Just like this other Netflix original I saw a while back called The Kissing Booth, this is a cute and quirky coming of age film with cringe going through the roof. If you can’t handle akward teenage comedy that feels like it’s written by 50 years old men this film might not be for you. 

    This Andrew Garfield lookin-ass boy is such a little whining kid that it made the whole runtime sooooo hard to watch but Im a sucker for…

  • Zombieland



    Woody Harrelson desperatly trying to find some twinkies in decrepit old stores is really all you need to make a good zombie apocalypse film. 

    Jesse Eisenbergs sassy attitude works since it matches Woody Harrelsons character. This film was actually my first film with Eisenberg in it and ever since I’ve him seen him in other movies I’ve thought of him as his character Columbus from this film. 

    The lighthearted take on a zombie apocalypse is refreshing and fun but isn’t…

  • Vi på Saltkråkan Del 1

    Vi på Saltkråkan Del 1


    Good film with decent acting, Sometimes it went a bit to far with some bad jokes but it’s made for children so I can’t really complain. Saw it at work with 10 children that were screaming and fighting but I wont let my negative experience while watching this film affect its grade. I love the cozy vibes these ”Vi på saltkråkan” films or episodes sprouts out. It definetly makes me happy that it’s summer! Solid 3/5! 

  • The Kissing Booth

    The Kissing Booth

    I absolutely adore these kinds of shitty romantic teen movies... This one was pretty good but I would have liked it more if it had kept the cheesiness throughout the whole film instead of going for a kind of serious ending. This film also includes some good messages for their main audience that’s probably a bit younger than me, which I can’t hate.
     Overall, enjoyed this film alot and if you’re in to these types of cheesy romances I recomend it! If you have a hard time watching chringeworthy moments you might want to skip this one.