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  • Star Trek Beyond

    Star Trek Beyond


    Fun, much better than Into Darkness, but still falls into a bunch of summer blockbuster traps. (The 'enemy' has always got to be a goddamn swarm of something.)

  • Ghostbusters



    I had reservations going into this film--I am absolutely not a Paul Feig fan--and while some of my expectations were exceeded, my worries about Feig as a director were not entirely unfounded.

    Short version: it was okay, but had a bunch of problems. I'll probably see it again, but only on Netflix or something.

    The Good:

    a) I laughed pretty much every time Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones opened their mouths. Jill and Patty were solid characters and both performers…

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  • Race



    Some decent performances, and a fascinating story, but filmed and scored like a Lifetime movie.

  • Copycat



    Great cast, and writing/directing that lets Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter shine when it could have very easily gone the handsome male hero cop save the day route.

    Not quite sure why this one seems to have been forgotten.