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  • My Own Private Idaho

    My Own Private Idaho


    "well, i don't know. i mean... i mean, for me, i could love someone even if i, you know, wasn't paid for it... i love you, and... you don't pay me."
    "i really wanna kiss you, man... well, good night, man. i love you though... you know that... i do love you."

  • Duck Butter

    Duck Butter


    this was a pretty cool character study but without the optimistic growth you'd hope to see at the end of it all. it kind of just ends where it began and gets really weird along the way. they wanted to speed up time so much, they ended up not growing at all. it's a good 90-minute watch if you're someone who's pre-occupied with thoughts of fearing and simultaneously obsessing over emotional and physical intimacy and the time spent building up that kind of relationship. bonus if you're a wlw with mommy issues.

    fave scene is *shouting at the moon* "SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL. STOP BEING JEALOUS."

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