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  • Venom



    i love that extraterrestrial homosexual subtext and lowkey found family trope but in all honesty give us the 4 hr uncut version that you're keeping from us sony and maybe i won't have to sue

  • Winter Light

    Winter Light


    can't really place my thoughts into words... here are some lines that i liked:

    "god, why have you created me so eternally dissatisfied? why must i realize how wretched i am? why must i suffer hellishly for my insignificance? if there is a purpose to my suffering, then tell me, so i can bear my pain without complaint."
    "cruelty, loneliness, and fear... all these things would be straightforward and transparent. suffering is incomprehensible, so it needs no explanation. there is no creator. no sustainer of life. no design."
    "you're dissatisfied with life, but most of all with yourself."

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