Unrelated ★★★★★

guys i’m not gonna lie something about this film hit different. i watched it bc of the bfi player subscription, tom hiddleston and the fact that i wanted to see more of joanna hogg’s work after watching archipelago. safe to say i very much enjoyed this one more.

now i do not know anything about film or anything but the shots and everything about this film just seems so perfectly intentional i absolutely love it. the tension throughout the whole of the first half of the film is absolutely perfect for the bit where it all goes downhill for anna and i will be gatekeeping this film with my whole pussy.

also there was one part where tom’s character oakley is messing about and anna goes ‘is that what they teach you at eton’ and oakley goes something along the lines of ‘oh low blow’. i wonder if that was a part of the script or simply a conversation between the actors which happened to be caught on camera considering tom did in fact go to eton. just a bit of food for thought i rather liked it

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