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  • Highlander V: The Source

    Highlander V: The Source


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I had heard stories about this film. Finally seeing it, if anyone thinks the other Highlander films or the TV series, or even the cartoon are worse than this turd, I don't know what they've seen because this film is the pits. Let's take everything from the Highlander mythos, from the TV series too and just throw it all away. Adrian Paul's kitana is destroyed right away, so he has these two little knives he fights with. The villain is…

  • Jennifer Help Us

    Jennifer Help Us


    Shot on an iPhone and made for $2500, this super low budget horror film borrows from the 70's aesthetic. Which helps it a lot. Long creepy takes, a killer with a cool simple look/mask, and above average acting for one of these types of films makes for 70 minutes that go by without me looking at my watch once. I enjoyed it.