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  • Tenet



    Tenet is a film in which Memento happens a number of times to a number of characters, simultaneously.

    As a first time viewer it can be hard to unravel just how many times you're seeing Memento, but using Inception's rules of time dilation we can estimate.

    The running time of Tenet is an even 150 minutes.
    Inception time dilation is five minutes to an hour. A scaling of one twelfth, or 0.0833…
    So 150 minutes of Tenet Inception, divided by…

  • Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island

    You can get a lot of work done while this movie is on.
    Starts out worryingly like Club Dread, but winds itself in to a Knives Out mystery where the twist is that, this time, all the douchebag characters are uninteresting.
    As it unravels it drunkenly sways between Friday the 13th, SAW, and Shutter Island. It almost feels like you're right in the writer's room while they're still making the big decisions on story direction.
    I want to say the…

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