Candyman ★★★½

Searing social commentary and gory kills combine for an entertaining if underwhelming re-imagining of the Candyman franchise. I wanted to like this a lot more than I actually did but I still had a good enough time. I was hoping for something truly incisive, but instead I was left with some solid slasher violence and thoughts on art and gentrification.

I'm frustrated by this movie, because so much of it is good, but it never goes as far to hit the greatness it could reach. The script tries too hard to tackle too many things. There's flashbacks, shadow puppets, retcons, and many tangents. Nia DaCosta puts together some awesome visuals and cool kills, but nothing that legit scared me. I kind of wish I hadn't seen the trailers for this a million times. I don't want to say the trailers ruined it, but they give away so many kills, so many plot points, it is hard for the film to generate any real suspense.

So I say go see Candyman, you'll probably have a good time. But temper your expectations. There's a lot of neat stuff here. Transforming Candyman into kind of an anti-hero slaying gentrifiers is clever. But I got a B Movie when I wanted an A movie. Oh well.

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