Vox Lux ★★★★

“They wanted a show, I gave them a show.” 

A story that is so simplistic in its nature but because of the artistic, unique and perfectly crafted story structure ends up being one that will blow you away. It begins by making your jaw drop right off the bat and where this could be the thing that makes the rest of a film less than appealing it is the very thing that propels it into the air.

The undergoing themes can be completely left to interpretation, but to me it wrestles with how we live in a time where tragedy will be taken and spun in a way that it only further spirals out of control. It comes in different forms and isn't only in the form of blood running down your chest but in the form of fame and stardom. These stars become a product, nothing more and nothing less, and eventually they become consumed with what and who they are supposed to be, while losing themselves in the process. Their trauma has moulded them into a shape that is there purely for others to glare at.

Natalie Portman has once again proven to me that she is the best actress of this decade by portraying yet another character who is undergoing a great amount of trauma. Her capabilities were already clear to me through her performances in both Black Swan and Jackie but in Vox Lux she plays a character who is not only broken but is subtly hanging on by a thread and she does it to perfection. I don't know someone else who can play so many roles, so similar to each other in nature, but yet each so distinctly different in their delivery.

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