When Harry Met Sally... ★★★★

I’ve been putting this off because I thought it would just be a typical romantic movie, but it really isn’t. The screenplay is super cute and the change in the romantic elements really work. Instead of the whole film surrounding Harry and Sally being in love, there is a period of denial, which really lets us understand the characters more and organically want them to be together. A feeling isn’t being forced upon us, and it makes us like the unconventional relationship even more. The spin on the structure really gives this as a romantic film something fresh and unique about it, and I understand why so many people love this now. 

From the really cosy colours to Meg Ryan’s adorable performance the whole experience is just really enjoyable, and makes the idea of time passing a lot less stressful.

(quarantine has given me a film burn out and I haven’t written anything in ages, so sorry if none of that makes sense)