12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men ★★★★★

12 Angry Men? More like, 12 out of ten!

For real, this is one of the most unique and original films ever. The concept is tricky on paper, but can be well-executed if done by the right people. And this was made by the best people possible. The acting is unbelievable and the pacing is great. I was always engaged, always interested in all different the personalities on that room and in their points of view.

This film might be one of the best cinematic representations of humanity so far. Every character feel like they could exist in real life, and the reflections sparked in the viewer while examining this situation are brilliant. Those people didn't even know each other's names, yet they had one of the most pure debates I've ever seen, with their flawed nature being revealed by the end. We humans are flawed, but with civilized discussions we could figure anything out. And, still, do we ever get to know the whole truth about anything?

Just a perfect film. No more, no less. 12 Angry Men, and 1 Happy Fives.

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