American Honey

American Honey ★★★½

So, I have this obsession for Darth Vader. To me, he's just the epitome of just darkness and suffering. Uh, and misunderstanding. Um, I feel like he was just a broken heart that lost any hope for love and life.

This an actual quote from the film. Time for a Star Wars connection.

I wonder why it was included in it. Feels kind of out place, doesn't it? I mean, it's not treated like a major plot point or anything, but, why did the writers even thought about including it?
I think maybe it's because this quote perfectly captures the world the protagonist is inserted in. The tragedy of Anakin Skywalker is, indeed, how much he has suffered over his life. The very core of his character is that he was a slave as a child, then was a slave to the pragmatic Jedi Order, then he was a slave to the cruelty of Darth Sidious, and only in the end he was set free by his son.

Star, the main character in American Honey, has a similar journey. Just like Vader, she craves a better life. Vader being saved by his son is the best example of one of Star Wars' main themes, the importance of family, and Star also wants to have a family of her own. But the thing is, to the majority of people in our world, it's not such an easy thing to fullfil your dreams. What American Honey does best is showcase a world where money is all that matters, dreams rarely come true, and people with good heart generally don't get what they deserce. This is our world. People have broken hearts, they lost all hope in love and life, and some of them deserve better. I feel like, in the end, we actually get a satisfying conclusion to Star's character, and it gives you a little hope for an ideal "kindness generates kindness" type of world.

BUT I won't give this a higher rating because it's too long. About 30 minutes could've been cut out. Also, some of the characters lack development, and there is one scene that should've been one of the most important in the film if they didn't just waste its potential. Most scenes felt like they could've gotten more weight.

Anyways, it's great! Watch it. Thanks for joining this unconventional Star Wars review.

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