Halloween ★★★½

Laurie: We did it girls, Micheal Myers is no more!

Hollywood: Oh, I don't think so.

Going into the soft reboot of the Halloween franchise, I seriously expected to be satisfied with it. And I was! Kinda.

My big (and almost only) problem with 2018's Halloween is the writing. During the final act, I was almost screaming at the screen because the characters were so stupid. That's one of my least favorite things to experience in a horror film. It's simply frustrating. Even Halloween II, which is slightly worse, didn't have these moments. Some scenes felt quite unrealistic -- moments that wouldn't play out like that in the real world with unnatural dialogue and weird directing choices. But, besides all of that, the film is a blast! From the moment Myers comes in, you just get the feeling that you're about to watch a Halloween film. He is just a fantastic antagonist with an enormous screen presence.

It's a good movie. I'm sure it's better than most of the other sequels. I'll be looking forward to the next films (although they will most likely suck).

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