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  • Unmasked Part 25

    Unmasked Part 25


    One of the first films I ever added to my watchlist and five years later I've finally got around to watching it.

    Unmasked Part 25 deserves a much, much greater appreciation...or in fact any appreciation at all. This is a criminally underseen, unheralded film that any horror fan really should seek out. Coming seven years before Scream launched a wave of post-modern, meta horrors, Unmasked asks the question, what if Jackson, an incredibly thinly veiled take on Jason Voorhees, was…

  • Little Evil

    Little Evil


    Not a good Omen

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  • Dark Skies

    Dark Skies


    How to make a modern horror film:

    1 - Start with the certificate: Under no circumstances should you consider an 18/R rating
    2 - Assemble your cast: Make sure they fit the white, American, middle-class, 2.4 children archetype
    3 - If you have given these cast members any positive traits, immediately remove these. The audience can NOT have any reason to bond with these people.
    4 - Place your horror elements sporadically throughout the film, allow plenty of time for…

  • Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows


    To make something so beautiful, so tender out of something so tragic and heartbreaking takes a real skill. Hirokazu Koreeda has perfected it.

    Not since Elephant Man has a film had this much of an emotional effect on me, it actually made me feel quite sick in my stomach in the last half hour and in the last 15 minutes or so I realised I was holding my breath.

    The young actors have left me gobsmacked at how flawlessly they…