Long Weekend

Long Weekend ★★★½

Maybe a dugong ate your baby!

Long Weekend is a strange film, a sort of environmental horror mixed with grief and trauma aspects similar to Don’t Look Now. If you’d asked me what I’d thought of it immediately after it finished, I probably would have said I enjoyed it but that it was fairly unremarkable but then as I was locking up the house for the night I noticed a few gardening tools still lying out on the grass and going out to put them away, I was thoroughly creeped out to be outside in the dark. The film got under my skin in a way that hasn’t happened since I first saw Session 9 and it managed it by refusing to give answers, leaving it up to the viewer to decide for themselves and allowing a number of small incidents to build gradually into a threat that eventually becomes all encompassing.

While it’s hard to say I found Lost Weekend to be a ‘great’ film, it is one of those rare times a sense of creeping dread is allowed to burrow into a viewer’s skull without silly monsters or jump scares diluting its effect.

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