Solaris ★★★★

If you had lost someone you'd loved and were given a seemingly identical facsimilie could you love them in the same way? Should you love them in the same way?

This is a fascinating, contemplative film that doesn't rush to tell its story but gently unfolds and poses some very heavy questions along the way. However, it's near three hour running time and the weighty issues it discusseses means that by constantly reading subtitles discussing love, happiness and the very meaning of life I felt that I wasn't fully able to absorb all the information in a satisfactory way. If ever a film deserved an English language remake it was this one.

Coming from behind the Iron Curtain, I was interested to see in what ways it would differ from normal Hollywood fare and there were a few refreshing differences. The scientists were all middle aged men, some balding, some pot-bellied, nothing like the lean, handsome stars you've come to expect and the alien world and the beings it creates aren't inherently evil or out to enslave the human race, only becoming a threat due to our own emotions and sentimentality.

An interesting and enjoyable film but I have a feeling I didn't get half as much out of it as I should have due to the Russian. I'll be interested to see what Soderbergh has done with his remake.

On a sidenote, this is by far the poorest designed Artificial Eye DVD I've ever seen. The menus are hideous and you can't change audio or subtitles while the film is playing. Rubbish.

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