The Wave ★★★½

Rainer Wenger is a chasmastic but headstrong Politics teacher. Being an ex-anarchist, he’s relishing teaching a week long class on Anarchy but instead is given the Autocracy class. As he reluctantly starts probing the class to find out what they know about the subject it becomes obvious that warnings of the danger of fascism and the Third Reich have been rammed down these kids throats so much that it’s become meaningless to them, just another thing to be apathetic about. Rainer asks the class whether they think something like the Third Reich could happen again and the kids dismiss it out of hand so, out of anger and spite at being told to teach this class, Rainer decides to start an experiment.

Soon Rainer has the kids addressing him as Mr Wenger, dressing in uniform and greeting each other with salutes, the kids then take things into their own hands and quickly it's out of Rainer's control.

A very strong central performance and an interesting concept helps drive the film and the first hour or so passes very quickly but it flags a little in the last third, however the final scenes bring the interest and drama back and help to tie everything up well. Unfortunately, after you've watched 30 or 40 minutes you can probably predict how the rest of the film is going to turn out but it's still very enjoyable none the less.