Favorite films

  • The Man Who Would Never Be, What They Made Him To Be
  • Piranha 3DD
  • Bionicle: Mask of Light
  • Killer Bean Forever

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  • Squid Game


  • Another Round


  • Satantango

  • Stuber


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  • Squid Game

    Squid Game

    SAW x Fall Guys x Battle Royale

    Took itself too seriously considering there was barely any subtlety, lots of soap opera level acting, and some really wacky and often cheap-looking production design. Makes me wonder what it could have been if they just had more fun with it and leaned into the absurdity that's already there visually. Instead, it seemed like they were trying super hard to pass off simple and age-old social critiques as profound insights on things like…

  • Another Round

    Another Round

    Woulda been a 5 if they picked a better song for the theme

Popular reviews

  • Bionicle: Mask of Light

    Bionicle: Mask of Light


    I will let the following passage from Ingmar Bergman's "Magic Lantern" speak to the merit of this masterpiece:

    "My discovery of the first Bionicle film was like a miracle.

    Suddenly, I found myself standing at the door of a room the keys of which had, until then, never been given to me. It was a room I had always wanted to enter and where the Bionicles were moving freely and fully at ease.

    I felt encouraged and stimulated: someone was…

  • War and Peace

    War and Peace


    Definitely the best epic I've ever seen. Please check it out, it's pretty nuts how much work went into this.