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  • Reportage !

    Reportage !


    Rei Hayama bringing back film techniques from 1890s Lumiere Brothers films is cool as hell

  • DC 9/11: Time of Crisis

    DC 9/11: Time of Crisis

    Remember when people actually thought that George Bush was a good and cool and likable president apparently? Neither do I but uh, this exists!

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  • Johnny Mnemonic

    Johnny Mnemonic


    "Oh, it's just my stuff. Mace, throwing spikes, grenade... everything a girl needs!"

    How this movie isn't getting more love is impossible for me to comprehend. This is peak anti-neoliberal trashy cyberpunk with endearingly awful CG that's my entire aesthetic, and some of the most 90s casting choices imaginable. Takeshi Kitano as a sword-wielding yakuza mob boss, Henry Rollins angrily ranting about technology being a sickness in the world, and even ICE FUCKING T as a leader of a gang…

  • The Skeleton Dance

    The Skeleton Dance


    I can relate to this movie because there's a skeleton inside me and I could feel it shaking around and dancing while I watched this