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  • Moonlight



    A slow and reflective portrait and one that needed to be made and was achieved with skill and beauty.
    I wanted to stay with these characters longer, there was a depth of feeling here that's really stunning and the soundtrack and visual work all carry that along.
    You would think something this character focused and melancholy might drag but when I got to the last 10 minutes I was surprised because I genuinely didn't believe I was more than half way through the story yet, that's how caught up in it all I was.

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    Thanks Guillermo for making a movie tailor made to be loved by exactly the people who need it most.

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  • Four Rooms

    Four Rooms


    Happy New Year!

    Watching this for the first time right after reservoir dogs and spy kids was such a trip and I'll never forget that viewing experience.

    As for this rewatch here are my thoughts:

    1. Best quality: his wiggles
    2. that animated opening credits where mr orange unzips into ted the bellhop? set the tone for how bizarre a movie it was gonna be.
    3. The witches coven room isn't as bad as I remember tbh, who doesn't love…

  • The Blues Brothers

    The Blues Brothers


    You just missed the craziest of crazies.
    James Brown?
    Illinois Nazis.
    Fleeing the cowboy bar.
    Leia with a bazooka.
    Cab Calloway
    So many chase scenes because 🎵~they're gonna get arrested~🎵!