Justice League

Justice League ★★★★★

Justice League is a cinematic masterpiece.

The movie opens with Superman with some CGI that doesn’t look weird and distracting at all. In Zack Snyder’s Justice League the aspect ratio was 4:3, now Joss Whedon tops that by giving the movie the aspect ratio of a phone recording vertically. Such a bold choice, I wish he stuck with this for the entire movie. Superman looks annoyed talking to kids, this is Joss Whedon telling all the people who didn’t like Superman killing the unborn kryptonian children in Man of Steel to shut up. Do you think Superman murdering children is wrong? Then you just don’t understand Superman. After this we see Batman and he lets a criminal go away. This shows us how much he has grown as a person because in Batman V Superman he was kind of a murder. Now he lets the criminals go away. This is top tier character development. In the opening credits sequence we see Superman’s death has made people so upset that they assault fruit. This is symbolic of how the sweet and kind soul of the hypercritical murdering Superman is gone, now so is the sweet fruit. We see a homeless man with a sign that says “I tried”. When this masterpiece first came out I thought this was Joss Whedon saying he tried to make a Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio movie actually good, but now with all the new information we have, I think it’s him saying he tried to be a piece of shit to everyone on set. Steppenwolf is the main villain and he is the most compelling villain ever. Thanos? More like, ThaNO, because Steppenwolf is infinitely better. Steppenwolf doesn’t have any motivation which makes him so interesting because motivations make your characters bland, and Steppenwolf definitely isn’t a bland character. We then get introduced to the Flash and he is easily the funniest character in any comic book movie ever. “What is brunch?” Is the greatest joke in the history of cinema, if you disagree you’re just wrong. We see a Russian family, they feel like such a needed addition and definitely don’t feel out of place and forced. When the Justice League go to Gotham Harbor they waste time and joke around during a hostage situation. This is how superheroes should be. You know another movie where superheroes waste time in a hostage situation? Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and that movie is good and it’s not overrated at all. There is a joke where Flash falls on top of Wonder Woman. This is extremely funny and definitely not cringey. After Superman comes back to life we get the greatest line delivery of all time, “Kal-El no!”. This shows how good of an actress Gal Gadot is. Later Superman punches Batman into a police car. This should kill Batman, but it doesn’t. How did Batman do it? Because he’s the goddamn Batman. After this Batman says, “Something is definitely bleeding.”, this is one the many hilarious lines Batman has. When Superman comes to the final battle, Cyborg’s auto-defense system doesn’t go off because inconsistency equals consistency, Zack Snyder taught me that. After the final battle Batman says “Now she’s glad.” This line definitely makes complete sense. 

Watched this with IsaacKBS, and ShazBoiIsaac fell asleep, he just doesn’t understand true cinema.


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