Hiroshima : The Aftermath ★★★★

This documentary made me realize that the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan is one of the greatest war crimes in the history of mankind. There was no need to drop it. It was only after the bomb was dropped that the narrative was constructed which led the people to believe that it was the lesser of two evils, the other evil being a full-scale invasion of Japan by allied troops that would have cost a million lives. What this film makes clear is that there was a third alternative, one that every high-positioned policy maker including president Truman was well aware of: the imminent surrender of Japan, if only the West would give them the guarantee that the Japanese imperial house would continue to exist. Truman and his allies deliberately did not give the Japanese that guarantee, effectively stalling their surrender and creating the opportunity for the army to test their newest and most destructive toy yet on two Japanese cities. This was a horrible, horrible crime against humanity.