Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

I am so tired of hearing people say Marvel is the death of cinema.
Because honey, this IS cinema!

Surely this is everything we should love about cinema?! Shouldn't films bring people together? Shouldn't films fill all the seats in the theater with people applauding and cheering and crying along?
Marvel make these films for the biggest audience possible (yes because it gets them more money) but it also means that more people can join in and take part in the wonderful world of film. People say cinema is dying, and they may say it's because of franchises like this. But really, it's these big films that are the sole reason cinemas are still alive.
The fact of the matter is a lot of casual moviegoers do not enjoy indie films. No matter what you do, not as many people will ever want to see independent cinema that's brave enough to do something different. But films like the MCU are made for everyone to enjoy; I understand how more cultured "cinephiles" hate them because of that, but there's no need to look down on the people who do enjoy them. Just stop watching them, and continue to seek out lesser known films to support instead of contributing more money to the Disney empire you claim to despise.

Honestly I'd agree with *most* of the basic criticisms of this franchise, but you cannot deny that no one has done or is doing it like them right now. The way this universe has been created over a decade, and all these films link and weave in-between eachother is phenomenal. You get so heavily invested in these characters because we've spent the better part of our lives watching them, they're arks being portrayed over the length of many years and films.
Some people hate that most of these films constantly reference the others in the MCU, but I think that's what's so great about them. No single film is independent from the others, they're all happening together, as one, in the same universe.

The MCU has brought millions of film fans together the way not many other franchises can say they have been able to do. In fact no other film has generated such Universal hype as this one. I'll be honest I wasn't that interested in Marvel until I got swept away in the Endgame hype too. Everyone at school was talking about it, and I've been in love ever since.
Infact I feel so grateful to have lived through one of pop cultures biggest events, and I'm excited for the next one whenever that may be!

After watching all the films in order properly for the first time, I ended up getting very emotional during this finale. Even my mum was crying!
These films are not just films for some people. Yes they play it safe a lot of the time, yes the cinematography isn't always great, yes it's very cgi heavy, and yes each film has their own pacing and humour issues, but we care solely about the characters and the stories being told. I can sit here and pick holes in this film all day, but for the sheer emotions it brought my whole family as we watched together, it's worth every single star I can possibly give it.
And all those people that hate on us for loving these films, acting like we're below them and have less intelligence just because we're actually enjoying ourselves, are the worst type of people. By all means criticise the MCU, but don't criticise it's fans!

This truly is the end of an era. But I am very excited for the next phase in the Marvel universe.

Oh and one more thing, my girl Natasha was done so dirty! Her and Bruce never got their moment and I'm going to miss her leg swings all the time...

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