Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ★★★★★

Where do I even begin?
The whole Harry Potter franchise, but the first film in particular, was the epitome of my childhood. I honestly can't imagine my life without these films and I actually feel bad for anyone who didn't grow up watching them.
Due to the general downfalls of life I haven't seen this in a few years but damn, that childhood nostalgia hit like a ton of bricks! I was humming along to the music, I was practically smiling throughout the whole thing, and I even shed a few tears when we first see Hogwarts.
Yes the effects don't hold up, but who cares when the childhood nostalgia hits this hard?!
Yes the children's acting is a little bit cheesy and bad, but look at their adorable little faces!!
Yes you can pick holes in the whole thing, but why would you even want to?
Life has been really tough recently, and to tell the truth I haven't been having a good time, but for just two hours I was wisked away to a much happier, simpler time, and it's great to see that the Harry Potter magic still burns so brightly inside of me.

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