Last night I was discussing with my mum the 2011 Oscars and how, although I love The Social Network, Hans Zimmer deserved an Oscar for best original score, if not for Time alone, it being almost a legendary masterpiece at this point. When she asked if that was from the film with "the bendy world thing" she almost begged to watch Inception... Against my better judgement (if I didn't like it originally, I for sure knew she wouldn't) I put the DVD in, one we only have because it was selling for 50pence at a local charity shop.
Let me just say that trying to explain what's going on in a film you don't even like that much to your mum is not a fun experience, and after spending every other minute adjusting the volume- turns out Tenet wasn't the only Nolan film with quiet dialogue overshadowed by extremely loud sound effects and music- we attempted to persevere through this slog for less than half an hour before my sister disappeared and my mum was so bored out of her mind she asked me to put something else on; "I don't care what, anything but this".
Despite this I knew she still would like to see some cool effects, so I clicked fast-forward, attempting to show her the supposedly groundbreaking parts of Inception everyone drools over. Watching this film sped up, it occurred to me how so much of it is just filled to the brim with mid-level, shot-reverse-shot of boring people talking (how so many argue this is one of Leo's best performances I'll never understand), interspersed by a meagre two, maybe three at a stretch, scenes of "cool" practical affects. I enjoyed telling her about how they filmed JGL's hotel hallway fight scene, and I'll admit she was pretty damn impressed, as I was when first seeing it, and still am- a feat of technical filmmaking genius if I do say so myself. And that was that, we watched the final scene (basically just for the music) then as the screen went black, before the credits even had any opportunity to show up, the DVD was taken out of the player and we went our separate ways.

When I first saw this film in August last year I wrote a whole review explaining every single little detail I disliked about Inception, it was basically paragraph after paragraph of nitpicking, because I felt like I had to validate my reasoning for going against the general consensus on this one. Even after handing it a heart and a score of 3.5 (still pretty respectable if you ask me) I had some guy in my comments outraged with my opinion, as if giving it any less than five stars was a crime, putting it upon himself to try and convert me into a fan, giving me all the "oh but you have to agree your score would be different if you saw this in cinemas" and then proceeding to judge me for rating John Wick higher than this. Being who I was back then I bowed down to his superiority complex, agreeing and saying I would've loved this in cinemas, I bet it was astounding! But no... I doubt I would have loved this in cinemas, because in a film that runs for almost 2.5 hours there is approximately twenty minutes total, if that, of cool "MiNd BeNdiNg" effects. The rest is an absolute snooze fest, just plain annoying, and dare I say kind of stupid? And I don't need to validate my reasoning behind disliking a universally praised film, I don't need to mention the writing, I don't need to mention character development, pacing, cinematography, performances, all the technical aspects a critic can judge a film on. All I need to put this down to, is that this film isn't for me. It's not a film I like, because it's not really the type of film I tend to like. Nothing more, nothing less, a lot of people like Inception, but I just don't, and that's entirely down to personal taste. But I'll never stop trying films that may not be for me, because otherwise I'll never get to experience new parts of cinema I haven't explored before (take Interstellar for example, a film so against the type I'd ever normally like, but one I ended up completely moved by regardless, and one I already plan on rewatching soon despite only being introduced to it's splendor last month) but I'm never going to bother giving Inception another opportunity. It's had two chances already, and life's too short to rewatch films you don't like, trying but failing to force yourself to see what everyone else does, when I could just rewatch The Social Network again instead.

Tldr; Hans Zimmers Time is a classic (the live performance on YouTube absolutely slaps by the way and gives me shivers everytime I watch) but this DVD will be going back to the charity shop we originally got it from, and I no longer feel guilty about disliking a film everybody else loves, because, well, we're all different.

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