Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★

Very outrageous in ways that it's obviously self-aware of how ridiculous it is to have mid-20-something-year-olds playing 17-year-olds, 'Do Revenge' feels like a mash-up teen comedy of 'Mean Girls' and the premise of 'Strangers on a Train'. Cliched in execution that feels in on the joke to a certain extent, sometimes feel indistinguishable from hilariously bad extravagant films for young adults such as 'Tall Girl', it's sequel and others from that ilk. Nothing necessarily felt greatly done, mostly competent filmmaking on display with a notable banger soundtrack of songs that perfectly fit the tone but I wish it burst of it's self-conscious bubble with the writing. It didn't stick with some of the more extreme elements that made the main characters really fun long enough to feel different; I really want one of these types of movies to one day fully commit to the hideous side of their characters and completely lean into dark comedy, but this adequately sufficed nonetheless, resulting in a fun time!

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