Magnum Force ★★★★

An interesting Dirty Harry film.

Good follow up to the first film. The tone is very similar-score is still great.

The plane sequence is cool.

Eastwood is great again in his role.

Holbrook is a great addition. I like the chemistry between him and Eastwood.

The plot is what makes this film so interesting. Vigilante cops are killing known criminals that have slipped through the justice system for a variety of reasons. Eastwood is brought in to investigate when it's not known whose behind the killings-he pieces things together and when confronted by the killers he says a line that made me rethink what I thought about the character of Dirty Harry in the first film. 'I think you've misjudged me'. I think I did too. I felt he'd bring justice no matter how screwed up the system is-but here he works within the system-he says it himself-until someone comes along and makes changes that make sense he'll stick with the system that's in place.

I really didn't expect this film to have me think so much but I'm glad it did. Another solid crime film.

Not as good as the first film as a whole-but it's close.