Abominable ★★½

The film opens with a scene that could be straight out of Hardcore Henry...only not good. Wait, never mind, Hardcore Henry wasn’t very good either. Disregard.

I really don’t like the creature design for the yeti. I don’t think it’s cute. It’s too oddly shaped...it’s unnatural, even for a mythical creature.

“Go in your hole, you weird snakes.”

But bro, the third act is WILD. I didn’t even know what the rules of this universe were anymore because they literally just started throwing out random magic spells and we’re just supposed to accept it.

Also, I was freezing in the theatre I was watching it in, YET you’re gonna tell me this girl is out in the literal Himalayas in shorts and no jacket and she’s completely fine? RIGHT. Frostbite who?

No way hypothermia didn’t set in. I’ve seen Alive.

The film is fine.  I just won’t remember any of this after a few days.

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