Fantasy Island ★½

I’ve seen worse this year for sure. It has fun moments...

BUT it’s such a mess. A mess with a terrible terrible honestly it fits in nicely with much of Blumhouse’s catalog. Most of the characters in here are completely useless and awful. The film never even attempts to flesh out these characters (unless you count cheesy student-film level dialogue as an effective means of character development...which I do not).

Putting aside these awful characters, the terrible script, a convoluted story that gets dumber as it goes along, the clichés, and anything else that reveals this film to be exactly what it is—a predictable, conventional, and simply vanilla PG-13 “horror” film—Fantasy Island is LUCKY that I found some of it to just be entertaining and fun.  

That is the only reason it’s getting a higher score than it probably deserves.

|   29%   |

Can’t say I recommend this one...though I mean, if you’re gonna go watch a horror movie in theaters I would definitely say this is a better time than either The Grudge or The Turning...but then again, The Invisible Man comes out soon so I don’t think 2020 will be deprived of good horror for much longer.

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