Hell Fest ★★★

After seeing that the director’s only other movie was the worst Paranormal Activity movie, I wasn’t expecting much from this.  

Honestly I liked it...though it reminded me of how much I HATE haunted-house attractions; especially the ones where they can touch you. Fuck those ones. Basically, don’t invite me to go to one because I will refuse immediately. Anywho...

The atmosphere was really absorbing, and the mask design was actually pretty great. It was actually fun to watch. I think I really just wanted a new, fun slasher movie. And this gave me (pretty much) what I was looking for. I also got to enjoy the “fun” of a haunted house attraction from the safety of beyond the silver-screen.

There’s also a lot I didn’t like though. I hated how slow the killer moved. He either stood completely still, or moved at a pace of 1 mph. It was hard to feel an immediate sense of danger...and then there are the scenes where a character (mostly the killer) would just appear in frame or disappear out of frame without drawing any attention. People aren’t this stealthy. I would have been fine with it if it hadn’t happened like 10 times. Also there’s A LOT of false jump-scares, some of which dumb and unnecessary; HOWEVER, in the context of the film it made sense so I can’t be too mad...they’re at a haunted house attraction what do I expect.
There aren’t any reviews for this movie yet, so imma attempt to predict that the Rotten Tomatoes score will be around 50-60%. I would be shocked to see it higher than that, though I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see it go lower.  

Update: clearly I was off, as it’s at around 38%.  I figured it would be low, I just thought I’d try to stay hopeful.  

Okay UPDATE again: it’s been a few more days and it’s now at 48%...so maybe I was close after all.

***Spoilers, kinda***

Some small complaints:

1. Why was there a working guillotine at this fair. That makes no sense.
2. Why are the trip-lasers so visible?? Literally anyone could see it and just step over them, avoiding all the scares.
3. Two characters are looking for an exit, and think they found it...but there’s a banner that literally says WELCOME to a maze...how do you end up in a maze. How does that even look like an exit?

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