Victoria ★★★★½

Welp, I’m definitely among those who think this film is p h e n o m e n a l.

Just purely based on craft, it’s just an incredible exercise in filmmaking. I absolutely did not find the single-take method gimmicky in this film, I was mostly just in awe trying to grasp how they accomplished this in only 3 attempts.

Normally in these types of movies, such as 1917, I take comfort in knowing that it’s not actually a single take—it just looks like one. However, knowing that Victoria was filmed in real-time from about 4:30 AM to 7:00 AM really stressed me out because that just takes an incredible amount of skill and trust in everyone and everything.

Although there are moments where not much is happening on screen—moments that are filled with empty silence—there’s always a sense of urgency that seems to contradict the empty space because as an audience we know every single second that is passing by is a definite, true second. As the film goes on and spirals into chaos, the urgency only intensifies.

I really loved Laia Costa’s screen presence as well, and I give her props for being able to act for 2.5 hours straight without pause. I also loved her scenes in the cafe at the the energy that radiated from the piano scene was 🔥

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