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This review may contain spoilers.

ok so after thinking about this movie all night i have decided that it is a masterpiece. the expert cinematography caught my eye from the beginning but it was hard to see past all the gore, which i thought was unnecessary but now understand why it was so important. other people were just bodies for alexia while she felt like a piece of metal, who could only bond with a piece of metal.

she jumps from a world of hyper-femininity to a world of hyper-masculinity to escape, he saves a life instead of taking it & experiences unconditional love in the strangest fucking way possible. after hiding his body for an undetermined amount of time, adrien is butt ass naked for what feels like the entire last quarter of the movie. he's fully bare to the world and the most vulnerable and disgusting body-horror parts of him are not exploited, but loved.

love is a dog from hell ;)

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