A Touch of Zen

A Touch of Zen ★★

I'm being a bit generous in my rating, primarily because the last 40 minutes or so of this film is solid (certainly the most consistently visually interesting portion of the film). But I can't recommend a three hour movie based on the final 20% alone. The rest of this film was a hard slog. Slow pacing, and somewhat disappointing action scenes. Perhaps, watching this 45+ years later, I can't appreciate how innovative this might have been in its time. But watching this now, it was more something to be endured than something I enjoyed. Except for the final act, which I did enjoy, but that was a bit too little, too late.

I watched this shortly after watching Dragon Inn, and I think the result is that I appreciate Dragon Inn more, a film with small, reasonable ambitions which basically achieved its goals, even if I just didn't quite connect to it myself. Certainly, if I had a choice to re-watch one of the two, I would pick Dragon Inn in a heartbeat, and not just because of their relative lengths.