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  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


    It is a really solid tense mystery that holds your attention as it unfurls. I watched the Swedish original a few years ago, so I remembered the plot fairly well and this adaptation is very similar narratively. The performances were also very similar. It felt like Craig and Mara were almost emulating the performances of Nyqvist and Rapace. They were all very good. The only real differences were the technical aspects. This version, directed by David Fincher, was really well…

  • The Fly

    The Fly


    A fantastic piece of body horror. It takes a different angle than the original that works very well. Jeff Goldblum was the perfect choice to the role, bringing charisma and humor to the role. The film wouldn't have worked without him bringing that personality to Seth Brundle.

    I wasn't a huge fan of the third act. It departed from being a sci-fi drama into being a more traditional horror film relying on grossing out the viewer.

    Watched as part of Scavenger Hunt 42
    Task #5: A horror film that has 75% or more on rotten tomatoes
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  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin

    I don't know what the fuck I just watched, but I didn't enjoy it.

    They managed to make Scarlett Johansson stripping boring, I didn't think that was possible.

    Watched as part of Scavenger Hunt 42
    Task #9: Watch one of the films I have on my watch list (
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  • The Kids Are All Right

    The Kids Are All Right


    A warm and well written film about an unconventional family growing and dealing with the issues that life throws at you. Everyone is flawed and everyone has issues, but life is about how you deal with them and move on. I wasn't expecting this to be as good as it was, but it is just a really well made indie film. The acting is fantastic with Annette Bening really standing out as the character who internalizes her emotions the most and she conveys that extremely well.

    Watched as part of Scavenger Hunt 42
    Task #1: LGBT film from 2000-2010s
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