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  • The Caine Mutiny

    The Caine Mutiny


    It is a slow build to get there, but the last act is fantastic. Bogart is incredible playing against type as the cowardly Captain Queeg. Jose Ferrer doesn't appear until late, but he is great once he arrives and Fred MacMurray give the best performance I've seen out of him. However, they are forced to overcome the dead weight that is Robert Francis's Lt. Keith. Francis has all of the personality and charisma of a piece of dry white toast,…

  • Sugar



    Sugar is a fantastic look at both the world of professional baseball and the immigrant experience in America. As someone who loves baseball I loved getting a glimpse into the realities of minor league baseball in a way that no film has done since Bull Durham. There wasn't anything there that really surprised me, but for someone who isn't as familiar with the way life works in the minors, I'm sure it could be an eye opening experience. Particularly how…

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  • Metropolis



    Easily the best film I've seen from the silent era. It is an epic in the way it is constructed, but it doesn't feel overwhelming and really it's story is surprisingly contained. The acting is good for the era and effects are incredible. The entire tone of the film is really well done.

    I initially began watching the version with the Loy Cook score and I would recommend everyone steer clear of that one because it is awful. The music…

  • Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol


    The first time I saw this I was only half watching and came away underwhelmed, but I felt it deserved a second chance. It was better than I remembered, but the issues I had with it were real problems. The movie is entirely about the action scenes, which is true for every Mission: Impossible movie, but the rest of them (besides 2) had some human moments and strong characters that gave it something between the action setpieces. They tried to…