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  • Scenes from a Marriage
  • The Double Life of Véronique
  • Mulholland Drive
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  • Under the Sun of Satan

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  • Persona



    Of course as the title suggests there will be a de construction of identity and exploration of performance throughout this film. The way Elizabeth enters the room and her nurse outfit with a naïve look on her face, like an actress walking in to an audition or scene rehearsal. The way Alma is introduced with a face caked with dramatic make up making her Unrecognizable. It explores the way in which silence creates a void or black hole of discomfort to…

  • Under the Sun of Satan

    Under the Sun of Satan

    pialat shows the contradictory nature of people who are so consumed by religion, so consumed by fear of desire, wordliness, human nature, temptation, that they live more obsessed with their body, their physical being, their time on earth, that they become what they fear . not just a sinner or follower of satan but worse - a human being. there is such a sheer rejection of the self that depardieu embodies with no melodrama, no fanfare that underscores pialats manner of pulling the curtain away from the institution of religion

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  • Maps to the Stars

    Maps to the Stars

    nothing like mulholland dr. this is a movie about family, the disappointment and emptiness handed down thru generations like a precious heirloom. an inescapable curse that silver spoon privileged artists love to create and carry for fear that without self inflicted trauma, embellished tragedy, then their empty meaningless weak art will be seen for what it is. a fucked up incestuous lineage that agatha and benjie inherit and fulfill and reject, ultimately in the only way they know: self destruction. i absolutely loved it!

  • Field Niggas

    Field Niggas

    khalik allah becomes one with his subjects. such grace and reverence for those he documents and speaks with. 125th and lexington is a surreal, heartbreaking, and confusing place. i act as if its a mirror i don’t want to acknowledge instead of a place where  the aftermath of many black lives exploited pick up some semblance of their identity to piece together. khalik allah sees that humanity in such a spiritual and cosmic sense that beams with black power and black pride that transcends time. unforgettable and an absolute must watch. i have never seen a film or documentary like it