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  • Terminator: Dark Fate

    Terminator: Dark Fate


    Touching story. Does it have a point?

    "Terminator: Dark Fate" was a bit better than I expected. I was entertained and to my surprise, I was moved by Arnolds Portrait of the T-800 without a mission. And there where some moments where I enjoyed the action...but...

    This movies feels more like "Mad Max: Fury Road" but without getting it. It desperately mimics George Miller but never understands what made this movie work. But it is really simple. In "Fury Road"…

  • You Shoot, I Shoot

    You Shoot, I Shoot


    Ab sofort im Podcast.

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  • Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

    Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie


    In 1987 a young Director from New Zealand released his first's called "Bad Taste". It took him 4 Years to film it.

    In 1994, a young Director from New Jersey released his first's called "Clerks". It took him all his savings and his beloved Comic Book Collection.

    In 2014, a young Director from New Jersey...wait! Really? Ok, yeah...really. A young Director from New Jersey released his first film..."The Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie". It took a whole…

  • 25th Hour

    25th Hour


    Ever wondered why Spike Lee is getting an Honorary Award at this years Academy Awars? Look no further. "25th Hour" was a great way to start this challenge.

    I bought the DVD in 2004, but never watched it. It was still shrink wrapped, but thanks to this challenge and the late Roger Ebert, I finally experienced this great movie. A powerful story, great script and cast and crew are all giving their best.
    There is no weak performance, I especially liked how real and natural everything felt.

    Nice to see some cool editing tricks, too.