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  • Wonder



    Powerful stuff, man. Owen Wilson is the best. He just is. And I'm gonna be real here, I HATE when people call a movie "emotionally manipulative" that's kinda the wholepoint of movie magic you dunce. Movies are SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU FEEL THINGS SO DON'T DOCK IT POINTS WHEN IT DOES ITS JOB AND ACTUALLY MAKES YOUR IGNORANT ASS FEEL SAD.

    Great themes and messages. How dare they try make the audience cry when tackling topics of bullying and kids that have to grow up looking and feeling different, detached, or left out. Yeah so fuck this movie for making you feel something man.

  • Journeyman



    Paddy Considine rocks. Writes, directs, and stars in this flick about a boxer and tragedy. Extremely emotional, powerful, well acted all around; Journeyman is a movie to keep an eye out for.

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    I went into this film as a fan of the previous installment.

    I like Zack Snyder (sue meeee).
    He makes really cool action movies. This is another example. It's another comic book movie, made by a comic book fan, for...c..I would just say for action lovers, and definitely DC fans.

    A lot of great stuff happening here jam packed into 2.5 hours.
    It is stuffed, and that can be seen as a flaw; however, I do think that…

  • The Rugrats Movie

    The Rugrats Movie


    Nostalgia at its finest. Had a ton of fun revisiting this one. It's weird, crazy, but a good time!